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Welcome to Our Company!

Our Values

A living culture of values is the cornerstone of our work. Our aim is to significantly and sustainably improve performance in the businesses and organizations we advise – and to shape the 3 Dots Group into a company that constantly attracts, inspires and further develops outstanding personalities.

Professional Standards

The interests of our clients come first. This is the most important principle we follow in our consulting work. But it does not mean we tell clients what they want to hear. Rather it means to accomplish more, engaging ourselves greater with clients and giving them better results.
Professional independence is a prerequisite for objective consulting free of any outside influence. The basis for this is having the company’s equity lie entirely in the hands of active partners. Should a partner leave, his or her share still remains with the company.

About Us

3 Dots is a band name among business customers, founded in 2006 and today integrated with four divisions in the 3 Dots Group umbrella brand as the business expands internationally.

The 3 Dots Group is a partner that lets companies focus on their core business. Here we provide support for creating strategies, optimizing processes and also implementing current telecommunications and information technologies in order to give our clients even more of an edge in business. This support we readily give in nationwide and international projects conducted through an extensive network that covers our focus regions. We make you more flexible and faster in terms of time to market.

The 3 Dots Group offers a wide range of support and assistance toward this end in various areas. By further expanding the range of services we provide and increasingly concentrating on our clients’ creation of value, we are succeeding in the ongoing transfer of optimal and transparent added value and contributing toward our clients’ success in business.



The term “consulting” colloquially refers to a structured interview or conversation, a corresponding form of communication, or a practical guide with the aim of addressing an issue, solving a problem, or reaching a solution. Consulting is generally used in the sense of “giving someone advice with the intention of helping them”.

Consulting in the 3 Dots Group

The Consulting Division of the 3 Dots Group advises clients in the development and implementation of growth strategies and also about the use of new technologies.
We focus mainly on mergers and acquisitions, make-or-buy consultations, restructuring, and interim management. 3 Dots Group’s experts have many years of experience in a variety of sectors and extensive skills in providing advice about strategy, organization, and finance.

Litigation Management

Like companies, individuals can easily become victims of reputation-damaging attacks on social networks. Media-related legal disputes require targeted communications management to drive public opinion. Harmful entries in forums, blogs, or social networks related to a company or personality can cause considerable damage and can only be neutralized by the intervention of competent experts.
Our team promotes a positive public perception of your company or person. From web monitoring of targeted public opinion to the clearing of negative postings, our palette of services is enough to protect your media presence on the World Wide Web.

Film & Movie Production Consulting

Since 2007 a small department within the 3 Dots Group in London and Vienna has provided consulting services to international film and television producers. We are primarily responsible for the purchase of props and equipping of sets. Long-term partnerships have been characterized here by cooperation with the production industry.

Medical Consulting

We offer you treatment at the most prestigious university teaching hospitals, the best private hospitals and also at excellent rehabilitation facilities.
A variety of medical and surgical treatment options according to current Austrian and European guidelines are available using the latest technology based on current clinical research.
Our medical consultants assess your results, referencing documents you submit, and will at your request prepare a second opinion.
We provide you with a comprehensive basic checkup to prevent cancer, together with all the necessary testing for you specially tailored to your individual medical condition and your personal needs.
Through our consulting team of doctors, we offer our patients the most proven and promising medical treatments.
In addition, we have been involved for years in medical project development and as medical consultants.

Core Themes

Project Development


Developing something means to create something new, to move on shaky ground toward successful completion of a project. Time and again we find it to be exciting. We are curious, always keeping an ear out even when the idea does not come from us. This often results in fruitful project partnerships, where we bring as a partner our know-how in positioning and marketing.

Project Design

Experts with many years of experience sound out and evaluate projects, developing specifically tailored operational concepts.We offer:

  • Market analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Utilization analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost analysis


These analyzes are together characterized also as either a Feasibility study or a Pilot study. These analyzes are intended to demonstrate with reasonable certainty that anything can be realizedunder given underlying conditions (time, cost, visions imagined by investors and users). In addition, in this phase possible risks need to be identified, assessed and then action taken to control them. However, an analysis that has been carried out may well lead to the project being terminated at this stage.

IT Development

The Business Technology Office (BTO) has since 2007 encouraged the management of leading companies in all industries to master the complex challenges in the conflict between business and technology. Fully integrated into the global network, our consultants work on their projects hand in hand with their colleagues from other sectors and functional areas. Characteristic of our work is an objective perspective, independent of system builders and IT service providers. In order to develop young talent, the BTO honors scientific work with the Business Technology Award.

    Financial & Insurance Division

    We provide our financial services clients with in-depth technical expertise in all important issues, ranging from strategy, risk management and Corporate Finance to operations, technology and marketing. Our offices have partners with many years of experience advising top management at banks and exchanges. Moreover, in Europe alone there are 14 partners whose focus in their consulting work is the insurance industry.

    Insurance & Asset Management

    The approach in the insurance business is similar worldwide. Customers want a hedge against risk, while seeking financial security and taking precautions. But here end the similarities of a market that is changing everywhere in the world. In Germany for instance, life insurers are experiencing profound changes in market structure, customer needs and regulatory requirements. Classic products and traditional promises of service therefore have to be reviewed, with something new tailored to fit perfectly. German property and casualty insurers are in particular facing the issue of how to achieve profitable growth in an already saturated market: Is it through acquisitions? With new products and market segments? Or is operational excellence the key to success?

    Together with our clients, we build in all areas of the business system the skills they need for long-term success – in risk and asset management as well as in underwriting, distribution, product development, marketing and claims management, and also in all operational processes and IT.

    Banking and Securities

    Cost optimization and acquisitions for a long time presented the ideal path many banks took in the search for higher earnings. But now the landscape has changed. Global markets are encouraging the rise of large banks operating internationally that frequently serve under the umbrella of a single name up to 100 million customers in more than 50 countries. In industrialized countries, the banking business has also been greatly altered by the toppling of the population pyramid in terms of age. Numerous new customer segments have emerged, each having its own complex financial needs. In addition, the boundaries between hedging risk, asset management and investment banking are blurring. A key role in the struggle for competitive advantage will continue, however, to be played by IT as it paves the way with innovative products offered through new distribution channels.

    We help our clients to position themselves in all aspects of the financial services business for long-term success – in commercial and retail banking as well as asset management and payment transactions. Our many years of global expertise lets us cover all functional areas ranging from marketing and sales, through risk management, operations, and IT all the way to organization.

    Public Affairs & Communications Due Diligence

    Public Affairs

    3 Dots Group provides comprehensive public affairs services to clients in business and society, offering strategic consulting and operational implementation from a single source. Our core competencies include:
    • Government relations
    • Lobbying
    • Issues management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Strategic media relations
    • Campaign management
    • Arena analysis (policy, politics, issues, stakeholders, risks & opportunities)
    • Political audits
    • Corporate social responsibility and community relations
    • Reputation management
    • Online issues management

    Professional public affairs activities let you make your one-to-one points in the right places, with no diversions, no reconciling with other companies and in direct contact with decision-makers in politics, business and public authorities. The 3 Dots Group will act for your cause and in your interest, guiding you in five steps to success in public affairs. We are committed to the ALPAC Code of Conduct.
    You can trust our expertise.

    1. Situation Analysis and Homing
    We observe and analyze your business’s regulatory, political and market environment, working together with you to define public affairs objectives.
    2. Strategy and Taking Action
    Together we determine how and what action needs to be taken to accomplish your intentions in public affairs.
    3. Public Affairs Reasoning
    Convincing arguments are the core of public affairs. We translate your topics into the recipient’s language. You get to the heart of your concerns with our “presentation focused” model.
    4. Network Analysis and Action Plan
    We define with you the decision-makers you wish to reach and how, when, and where to reach them, as well as which network accesses can already be used by you and which have to be built.
    5. Public Affairs
    Together we implement your public affairs strategy.

    Communications Due Diligence

    Communications due diligence as part of your comprehensive due diligence

    Communications due diligence analyzes and evaluates a company’s communications performance in advance of corporate acquisitions, projected investments or an initial public offering. This is part of a comprehensive due diligence that spots strengths and weaknesses in a company and determines its worth.
    A communications due diligence, side by side with a financial, legal, environmental and organizational due diligence, additionally evaluates the state of the company’s entire corporate communication.
    Our external expert opinions give you the most objective assessment and analysis possible of corporate structures and communication performance. We utilize methods such as guided interviews with key individuals and structured questionnaires that ascertain communication performance among employees, between management and employees, and even between customers and service departments. Publications, the company's presence on the Internet and its intranet, media coverage, and the opinions of outsiders are likewise taken into consideration.
    Collected information is evaluated by us to make a profile of the analyzed company’s communication performance.
    The assessment method used in a communications due diligence can also be employed in a company to review the transparency of communication performance results.

    3 Dots Group offers in-house seminars, workshops and training.


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